Feeling The Life is a project narrating about our planet and its indwellers in feelings and emotions language.

We suggest our readers seeing the world in a new light
in terms of feelings and compassion.

Feeling The Life project presents each country as a colorful story mosaic. Authorial gallery of memories introduces our readers to different courtiers and peoples’ representatives’ lifestyle telling about their nature and true motives of their actions. People from different parts of the world experience more or less the same feelings and emotions but express them in different ways. The knowledge of what makes this or that country representative feel sad or inspired may help us to understand each other more easily.

We emphasis people’s world-view but differences.

Feeling The Life project publish stories about lively events experienced, places visited, ceremonies and believes, taste preferences and many other things which go to make up an image of a country. Our readers are invited to a virtual emotional trip. This process is extremely breathtaking. It may inspire to a true journey or new acquaintances.

Our main goal is to inspire people from all other the world
to know each other better.

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