One can write and talk about the sea endlessly. The sea attracts. It’s salty like trillions of tears. It’s somewhat bitter like the mistakes we’ve made in life. It’s inconceivable and limitless like hope.

Sea whisper

No matter how strong you are, sometimes you just feel exhausted. You want to pause the moment and arrange your life rhythms. On such days it’s good to be near the sea.

It treats, heals the wounded spirit.

You can sit somewhere near a bay and watch the waves throwing themselves against the shore and retreating. You can look in the depth of these transparent bluish waters and feel the peace coming back to your soul.

And the waves keep coming ashore, one after another. By contemplating its infinity, you yourself become a part of the great ocean. And with every coming wave your breath gets easier and deeper.

The bay gently sings "pshh-pshh" and for several seconds the sand gets covered with the hissing sea foam.

Everything is so simple and clear. Seagulls scream nearby. A strident, harsh sound. The wind touches my face. I remember my native city, many miles from here. Some haunting parallels start spinning in my head to find the expression in the musical lines:

I gave up crows for seagulls,
The noise of grey streets for the whispering sea,
Stone pavements for white soft sands,
And the Internet for the breath of life.

Dubai has many places with a sea view where I love to come. And it’s not always the beach. Sometimes it’s an open terrace at the top floors of the skyscrapers. The sea is viewed differently from there; it’s more panoramic, more dimensional.

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Umm Suqueim Public Beach (Burj Beach)

One of the places where you can restore the internal balance is a free municipal beach located to the right from the legendary Burj Al Arab Hotel. This white sand beach is beautiful in the middle of the week when there are very few visitors. To the left from the beach there is a picture postcard view of the sail-shaped hotel. To the right – the open spaces and calm waters all the way to the horizon.
The stormy days are rare at the Persian Gulf. The waters change their turquoise color to silver, show their temper, jump on the shore, touch your feet. Then they bite into the sand, take some of it with them to the sea depths leaving you with shells and green seaweed in exchange.

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Marina Beach, JBR

The situation is very different at the beach of JBR — Marina Beach.
Jumeirah Beach Residence is an expensive, presentable resort with a steady rhythm of life. It’s full of people yet not noisy. Only seagulls’ screams pierce the air when tourists throw them bread. The birds bustle around flying above the shore, catching the thrown pieces as they go; they fly away, make a spin, come back...
The local public seems to be simple and down-to-earth. However, the expensiveness of the resort can be seen in details. Here comes a beautiful lady wearing shorts and a top. She seems to be simply dressed. But her crocodile-skin sandals from Hermes and the Birkin bag delicately prove otherwise...

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The local free municipal beach is very wide, it stretches far along the bay. From here you can see the Palm Jumeirah Island and the Atlantis Hotel that resembles an arch from afar.

Jumeirah Beach Park

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The entry to the park costs 5 dirham. You get into a well-maintained green oasis with neat tracks bringing you to the various corners of the park.
You can smell kebab in the air: the BBQ zone is somewhere close.

Coming back to listing my favorite spots with the sea view I remember a paid-entry beach in the Jumeirah Park. You go up the stairs on the top of a small hill and catch a heavenly image: turquoise bay waters, white sand and slim tall palm trees along the shore. The harmony is sort of ruined by way too many people. They are everywhere: by the brink of the sea, in the center of the beach, under each and every palm tree. The entertainers run funny noisy games, children squall, adults cheer, life is in full swing. You can hardly meditate here.

But the place is interesting anyways. It has something American-Hawaii-ish about it. If you are lucky you can find a place on a wooden open terrace of a small coffee shop near the shore. The air smells like strong coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice. There are palm trees and juicy bushes everywhere and straight in the middle there is a blue stripe of the sea.

Kite Beach Umm Suqeim 1

Kite beach is freedom, youth and flying. You have a chance to watch kite-boarders conquering two elements: air and water. It is fascinating.

You can have firsthand knowledge by trying this extreme sport. It is essential to remember that Kite surfing is more then just a drug! You get addicted to it immediately. My friends and my household are unquestionable evidence of that. They can't imagine their holiday without a kite-board and a sail.

Once my sister who is a kite-boarder said: "Just imagine: salt water splashes, waves shimmering in the sun, fresh breeze. You are face-to-face with the sea! And this is an awesome feeling as if you were flying!"

Kite-borders' beach is a quiet place. There is good wind very often. Apart from kite-borders there are a lot of ones who like kite flying.

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It is nice to come here accompanied by some friends and families and children. On the beach there are several comfortable volleyball courts, running tracks with a special coating, benches.

Food and water can be brought with you in a BBQ hamper for example. But telling the truth food is not a thing to be thought about here. Lofty matters are worth thinking of.

And in conclusion here are several lines by an unknown author.

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Just like a wolf I’ll lick your wounds,
I’ll melt your sorrows just like coffee,
I smell of hookah, sun and jolly
Come here! I miss you! Signed – the Sea.

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