Imagine yourself in an amazing environment where the process of shopping turns into a charming experience.

Saga World Dubai.
Poetry of showrooms

This is a saga indeed. A mystery. An endless story.

The Legend, which immerses you in the cultural layers of the Islamic and Arab worlds. It is a long and charming ballad about human desire to surround his life by beauty.

From the first step into this extraordinary city center you are surrounded by perfect items. The Saga World building looks as a traditional Arabian fort with wind towers standing out from the neighboring conventional buildings. If you drive along Jumeirah Beach Road, you will never miss it.

Admittedly this place is another surprising discovery in Dubai. A new level of shopping, where the main place is given to your aesthetic and artistic perception. 

The Saga World concept is demonstration of the finest examples of Islamic art. In contrast to the museum, you can buy here any artifact that you see. It only depends on your desire and financial possibilities.

You get to know the best heritage of the Islamic culture. You dive into another reality, where the Masters are talking with God through the Arts. 

The Saga World Dubai is very strange, interesting and full of beauty and surprises. A wonderful treasury of the Sheikh's palace where you are kindly invited to visit. Or the museum, where every thing is represented especially as the prima of the mysterious theater.

There is a muted light and soft music inside. There is a pleasant coolness, comfort and scope,- all that is inherent in a modern shopping mall in Dubai. And, at the same time, it captures the atmosphere of an authentic traditional bazaar, a Souk, but it is more elegant, without the hustle and bustle.

Informative panels about works of art hang along the walls. This detail unites the shopping center with museum exhibitions.

Each showroom has its own name, the mood and the idea. The first floor is interesting with handmade crafts. There are graceful statues, paper mache vases, perfume vials, inlaid with crystals. There are hand-embroidered accessories, products made of fine fabrics as pashmina, silk and cashmere.

But the most interesting performance waits you on the second floor. There are plenty of wonderful carpets. Each of them is the completed painting, symbolizing luxury and wealth. There are excellent dining sets made of marble embedded with jewels, worthy to decorate the palace of any emperor or president.

There are countless original works of art: the glazed pottery, carved chairs made of precious wood, vases, Arabian coffee pots, Indian miniatures... Most items for sale are so unique that you are perplexed.

At the same time you feel shyness, inspiration and admiration. Well it is impossible not to admire the sumptuous handmade carpets with velvet on the silk basis, decorated with semiprecious stones.

I supposed that many of you have read about the Persian kings, the Egyptian pharaohs, the Samarkand shahs and the Indian Maharajah. In their daily life gold carpets with precious stones were always included.

His Majesty the carpet. A true work of art, is decorated by carnelian, aventurine, lapis lazuli, opal, jade and many other semi-precious stones. It is amazing! It is highest form of sewing. And it is painstaking, sophisticated work.

Each such carpet is reproduction of the best samples of 16-18th centuries carpets (The Golden Age of carpets). It is the pride of the owner. It is family values, transmitted by inheritance. Of course, possession of gold carpets is a privilege of the very wealthy.

At some point, you get used to the fact that you are surrounded by the exclusive. And you begin to learn price tags with pleasure, for the sake of curiosity.

But, suddenly, you find that among the splendor there is sophisticated and quite affordable art objects that you can decorate your home with.

From the pleasant additions of The Saga World Dubai. There is a medieval restaurant "LeWazawan", which has a veranda overlooking the sea. And another cozy restaurant, with a beautiful terrace, overlooking the Jumeirah street .

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In general, it is an exceptional place with its own character, mood and taste. 

Each item inspires and surprises. Yet, strange that a few people know about it.

356-948 Umm Suqeim 1, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai, UAE. The Saga World mall is open daily 09.00–19.00

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    Author and photographerVictoria Lazareva
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